School History

NHHS building completed in the fall of 1921




Sandfiddler photos courtesy of New Hanover County Library

1922 1st School Annual called the Sand Fiddler.  The Hanoverian began in mid 1930’s.



First senior class called themselves “Pioneers”

Dedication inscribed by Ex-President Woodrow Wilson to Dr. James Sprunt.



Senior Superlatives

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Sand Fiddler Staff

Jenny King
July 6, 2020
People have asked why there’s no graduating class of 1941 and I can explain this: In 1937 they changed the grading structure. Before the change, elementary school was grades 1-7, and high school was not numbered grades just freshman through senior. In 1937 they ADDED grade 8 and separated grades 6-8 into a new school known as junior high school. The new junior high schools were Sunset, Lake Forest, Tileston, and Chestnut, I think:). So people who should have moved into the freshman class at NHHS instead moved into grade 8 of the new junior high school – no freshmen in 1938, no sophomores in 1939, no juniors in 1940, and no senior class in 1941. Except for people who moved here or were dropped back a grade etc, there really wasn’t a full sized graduating class in 1941. I graduated after 11 years in 1940, and my brother who was a year younger than me graduated after 12 years in 1942.
When I was in the 5th grade (1935) we went downtown with posters and signs and paraded down Front St. asking for the 8th grade and junior high to be added to the school system. All of you 8th grade graduates out there can thank me.

Doug Quinn

July 30, 2020

The 1st year of the Jr. High System in New Hanover County began September 1951. There is an article in the Wilmington Morning Star on 9/6/1951 announcing the beginning. The four original schools were Sunset, Chestnut, Lake Forest, and Tileston.



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