About Us

On the 18th Day of September 2019 the New Hanover High School (NHHS) Alumni Organization was officially chartered as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit with the secretary of state.  

The brain child for an alumni organization came from founder Linda Kalnen class of 1966, after a joint luncheon with several 1966 graduates of the then segregated Williston High School.  In attendance from New Hanover High School were Ms. Kalnen, Charlie Riverbark and Meira Warshauer.  The Williston representatives shared their experiences from the time of integration in the schools.  The Williston alumni organization developed after the closing of Williston High School.  Upon further investigation, no formal NHHS alumni organization ever existed but many high schools have them.  

Ms. Kalnen followed the joint luncheon by meeting with school Principal Dr. Robert Morgan.  He explained the county office must first be contacted and approve the idea.  The county office approved at the end of April 2019.  Research determined that the school would begin it’s one hundredth (100) year in the fall of 2021 and graduates a historical milestone with the centenarian class in the spring of 2022.

A group of interested alumni began meeting in May 2019 and determined their desire to give back to the community.  Reunion chairpersons from 1955-1970 and other years that could be found by the May meeting were invited.   Research to locate all reunion leaders and/or class officers continue.  They will be deemed “Class Agents”.   There is an estimate of over 25,000 remaining alumni.

Attending the first meeting were Linda Kalnen, Garland Sykes, Robert Stewart, Julie Memory, Susan Collins, Gary Hamm, Ricky Meeks, Sandee M. Spradley, Nelson Allen, and Charlie Rivenbark representing classes from 1961 to 1987.



NHHS Alumni Organization exists 100% on donations.

Membership contributors fund a portion of

office supplies, printing and web site maintenance.

All additional donations go to funding scholarships.

It is an all-volunteer organization.


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New Hanover High School Alumni Organization mission is to establish and enhance alumni relations within the New Hanover High School community and to promote education and historical preservation.